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J H Nævdal Bygg

J H Nævdal Bygg is a Norwegian construction

company with about 80 skilled carpenters and apprenticesThe company was founded by Johannes Haldorsen Nævdal in 1884 and is the core of a group (see chart to the right) that delivers turn-key projects for the private and the public sectors in the area around Bergen, including both residential, commercial and industrial buildings.


As virtually all our activity is in Norway, this is the only page available in other languages than Norwegian. If you would like to browse our web pages in English for reference projects, we recommend you use a translator like the Google Translate extension for Chrome. 


The group has a solid financial foundation. Group turnover has from 2007 to 2014 ranged between NOK 122 and 245 million.


Anyone in our administration can attend to your enquiries in English.

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